Frequently Asked Questions

In this section of our site we will answear most of the questions you probably have in mind. In care you need more information do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form on the main menu.
What is a Forex Rebate ?
Rebate is the ammount of money paid from the broker to Simple-4ex every time you trade. Simple-4ex returns most of that ammount back to you for being our member .
How can I calculate forex rebates ?
The rebate amount X lot size traded X 10 = money back on trade Example: .25 pip rebate X .50 lots X 10 = $1.25 .25 pip rebate X 4.5 lots X 10 = $11.25
Do i get rebates on losing trades?
Yes. Win or lose you receive a rebate on every trade that is completed.
What payment methods are available for receiving rebates from Simple-4ex ?
Paypal – No minimum payout no Simple-4ex fees Moneybookers - $1 minimum payout no Simple-4ex fees Bank Wire - $100 minimum payout.
Does Simple-4ex charge anything for signup with the broker ?
No, never. It's a completely free service. You make money back if you sign up through us and we make money from the broker by referring you. A Win-Win scenario.
When do I receive the rebates ?
Most brokers pay us once a month, so you would be paid the following month on the last business day of the month. Depending on the broker, you may receive your rebate up to 2 weeks earlier. *If the broker has an option to deposit the rebate directly into your trading account, then they will handle the rebate on their terms and time frame.
Does the broker charge higher commissions or spread if i register with Simple-4ex ?
Absolutely not! Your spreads will be EXACTLY the same as those offered on the broker's website. They will be the same as those you would pay if you had opened the account on the broker's website. The difference is that you make part of that commission or spread back every month.
Can I get rebates if I sign up directly with the broker ?
No. You have to click through our links and follow our instructions to sign up with the broker so the broker knows we referred you to them.
Can I get rebates if I allready have an account with a broker ?
Yes, in most cases. Email us with the name of your broker and we will instruct you on how to get rebates .